Machine Knitting Links
Here are some inspirational Machine Knitting Links
Heidi's Knitting Room
Heidi is a Bond Knitter. Her site contains wonderful techniques and free patterns.  She also has instructions for a homemade garter bar
MKDesigner Knitting Links
This page has links to both hand and machine knitting websites. She also has  some crochet and crafting links

Collen's Studio
Collene's site has hints and tips for new knitters as well as instructions for the No-Brainer Garter Bar.
Look under the Workshop Link at her site to find the Garter Bar instructions.
Marg Coe's Photo Album
Marg has lots of photos of items she has made as well as items made by her Knit Club.

Arlene Hahn's Photo Album
Arlene has lots of photos of items she has made. She makes lots of baby items for charity and  has many variations of the All In One Baby Cardigan. The pattern for this is on our Patterns Page

Carolinas Machine Kniting Guild
The Carolinas Guild has a great website with photos, a free pattern and machine knitting tips.

Roni Knutson's Machine Knitting Page
Roni's Page has Free Patterns, Hints and Tips, and Punchcards as well as links to other resources.

Knitnatters - Austin TX
The Knitnatters Website contains free patterns, photos and Machine Knitting tips and techniques.  has a wonderful website with photos, free patterns and tips.

Make A Knitting Machine Needle Retainer Sponge Bar
This Blog post explains how to replace the sponge in a sponge bar with materials found at JoAnn Fabric. It is a 3 part article with photos.