Bulky Machine Teddies for Tragedies
Arlene Hahn - October 2006
All Pattern Rights remain with the Author
Adapted from http://www.bivens.ca/teddies.htm
Machine: Bulky

Yarn: Worsted Wt. Yarn (Bear color, pant color, shirt color, face color)

Finished Size:  10.5 inches.   To make ½ size use ½ the stitches and ½ the rows. The half size is to fit in military cargo pants as requested by Karen of the "Hugs Project".

Tension:  5


Begin at foot:  CO 10 stitches as follows:
*Pull needles L1-L10 into work.  Pull odd numbers to E and leave even numbers at B.  With COR, thread carriage with “bear” color.  With left hand lay yarn tail over the needles at E position and hold tail down past last needle (L9).  Knit slowly across.  Take yarn tail and loop it over the last stitch formed (on L10) and put a clip clothespin to weight it down.
Hang CO comb/wts.  RC 000
Knit 8 rows.  Cut yarn and thread CAR with Pant color.
Knit 14 rows for leg #1*.   Remove leg with garter bar/wy.
Repeat the CO and knitting between * * for leg #2 on same needles but don’t remove from machine.
Hang Leg #1 (wrong side facing you) on needles R1-R10.
You now have 20 stitches in work (L10 to R10).  Hang CO comb/wts on all 20 stitches of the two legs.
Knit 12 more rows in Pant color.

Switch to shirt color and knit 14 rows.  Set RC to 000
Switch to bear/head color and knit 4 rows, COL past turn mark.
Set machine for fair isle patterning for face (7 stitches, 6 rows)


Knit face in pattern above as a single motif, centered on the 20 stitches in work. (Or set CAR to Hold and hand select the face needles to E, knit each row and then hand knit face needles with contrast yarn after each pass of the carriage.)
After last row of pattern end fair isle and continue knitting head for a total of 38 rows.
Switch back to shirt color and knit 14 rows.
Switch back to pant color and knit 12 rows
Put CAR on Hold and put 10 stitches opposite side of carriage out to Hold.
On nearest leg knit 14 rows in pant color.
Switch to bear/feet color and knit 8 rows.
Cut yarn tail long enough to then thread through open stitches to gather.  Remove that leg from machine.
Take CAR off hold and knit second leg to match (14 rows in pant color, 8 rows in bear/feet color, gather BO). 

Pick up and hang 6 stitches on each side of 0 along shirt edge next to “head” color, wrong side facing you.  You’ll have 12 stitches in work with the “head” stitches not picked up and just kind of bunched up and “hanging” at 0.  Hang CO comb and wts. over the “head” section and in the 12 stitches you picked up on either side.
With shirt color, knit 14 rows for sleeve.
Switch to bear/hand color and knit 6 rows.   Cut a long tail (used to sew up hand, arm and side of bear down to toe area).  Gather open “hand” stitches on needles with the yarn tail and remove from the machine.
Hang and repeat arm/hand on other side of shirt/head.

Using bear/head color sew up each side of head and leave a tail at both top corners to sew/gather ears after stuffing.
Use gathering tail at hand to gather hand and sew along hand/arm/side/pant/leg and to toe area of foot. 
Use original CO yarns to gather each foot and sew foot seam along leg “inseam”.  Use pant color to sew up along one leg to crotch area.  Stuff bear head.  Sew/gather ears at top corners.  Gather neck with matching yarn.
Stuff arms/chest/tummy and legs.  Sew down remaining leg inseam.

Scarf:  Crochet CO 70 stitches, 4 rows (knit last row at MT+3 for crochet BO)   Measures 18” x ½”

Scarf knitted as I cord - Weaving CO 3 stitches, one part button selected, MT 5.  Knit 130 rows, BO using tail to gather open stitches.  Use beginning and ending tails to gather and sew ends. 

Hints from Arlene: When I change yarns and I know I won’t need either one for a sewing tail I knot them and cut ends to 1” so they don’t get tangled inside during the stuffing process.   If I need one tail to sew up later I still knot them but only cut the non-sewing tail short.
I also tie the face “ends” together and trim the ends to about 1” for the same reason.  I don’t bother wrapping the yarn on the edges while knitting the single motif face – doesn’t seem to cause a problem on these little faces.  The fair isle face saves a ton of embroidery time later!!!
I use the tension “wand” from my 4 color changer – I can thread all four colors up at once and just grab the one I want to use each time.


BO - Bind Off
CAR - Carriage at Right
CO - Cast on
COL - Carriage on left
L - Left
R - Right