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Arlene's Fidget Neckwarmer and Wristwarmers
This page was last updated on: July 9, 2017
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Last updated on: July 9, 2017
Free Patterns
By:   Arlene Hahn
June, 2009
Permission for reuse is granted for not for profit purposes.

Bulky Machine with ribber (can be made without ribber)
Worsted wt. yarn – 5 oz. of  Wool Ease makes 1 fidget and 1 pair of wrist warmers, sport wt. yarn in ( ).
MT 5/5 (3/3)

Fidget Neck Warmer

You are basically going for a rectangle that is 4.5 - 5” wide (5.5” for really deep neck warmer) and 26.5” long.  You can use any machine, yarn, stitch pattern/gauge and just a knit a rectangle to those approximate dimensions.

CO for 1x1 rib L15-R16 (L18-R19)
Knit in 1x1 rib at MT 5/5 to RC 131 (RC 143)
Latch tool BO around no gate pegs to reduce stretch on this end

Place fidget around your neck and determine button/loop placement.
Single Crochet along the BO edge to form edging and make buttonholes with ch 4/skip a stitch to make each button loop along the end (4-5 depending on button size).   Sew buttons on corresponding lower side edge of opposite end as shown.

Wrist Warmers
Bulky Machine with Ribber to knit 1x1 rib
Use MT 3/3 and same stitch count for either worsted or sport wt. yarn

CO in 1x1 rib 20-0-21
Knit 40 rows (46 rows for sport wt.)

BO around no gate pegs…use this less stretchy end for a more snug fit at the “finger edge”.  Using yarn tails from CO and BO ends to sew up wrist warmers from each end to form a tube – leave a 1.5” thumb opening in the seam 1.5” down from BO/finger edge.  Test thumb opening location before you secure stitches at both ends of this opening.  Weave in ends.

This design from Arlene will make wonderful Holiday Gifts. They are made on a Bulky Machine with a Ribber
Click to download a PDF copy of the pattern