Machine Knit Tit Bit
-Bulky machine (to make on standard gauge machine try doubling stitches and rows).
-Garter Bar (sample made by using a standard gauge garter bar on the bulky machine but only using every other “tooth”)
-Worsted Wt. yarn – sample made using Simply Soft by Caron
-MT 3 and MT 5, Gauge – 4.5 sts and 6 rows per 1 inch
-Cup sizes: A, (B, C, D, DD)

Begin with lining:
Weaving Cast On (see note at end) 54 (58, 60, 64, 68) stitches at MT 5 Change to MT 3, knit to RC 11(13, 15, 17, 19)
Change to MT 5 knit 1 row.  Use Garter Bar to Remove and turn work to make “purl” turning row.
Knit 1 row (purl turning row).  Remove and turn work with garter bar again (completes purl turning row).

Upper breast portion:
RC 000, MT 5 knit 2(4,6,8,10) rows.
*Next and EVERY row following – use garter bar to remove and rehang  stitches at the same time decreasing a total of 3 stitches spaced evenly across the work.
After decreasing 3 stitches knit 1 row.*
(placing decreases on different needles each row will avoid a defined decrease “line” in the knitting).
Repeat from *  until only 10 stitches remain in work (8 if making a more pronounced nipple)
Knit 1 row (2 if making more pronounced nipple).
Gather remaining stitches off on 20” yarn tail.  Gather up tightly, then use mattress stitch to sew seam all the way to the weaving CO edge (nipple will be shaped later).
Gather up tail from weaving CO to gather lining enough to hold stuffing.  Stuff breast with poly-fill.  A smooth stone or fishing weight may be added to weight breast at this point.  Gather up lining tightly.  Tie yarn tails together.  Thread both yarn tails onto a yarn needle or double eye tool and sew up through stuffing and top of breast to make 4-5 stitches around “nipple”.  Each stitch goes through all the layers to define the nipple and shape the breast by flattening it slightly, making it less pointed.  Weave in ends.  Slight opening from gathering lining may be left unsewn to allow weights to added or removed later. 
Weaving CO: Put weaving brushes in place on Carriage, COR, put every other needle at E, others at B, take yarn through carriage and across needles at E, hang 8” yarn tail on left and hold out of way or weight down with a clothespin.  Knit one row across. Check to make sure yarn tail goes “over” last CO stitch on end needle – if it doesn’t than just loop yarn tail over the last CO stitch.  The 8” yarn tail will be used to gather and sew up later.


BO - Bind Off
CAR - Carriage at Right
CO - Cast on
COL - Carriage on left
L - Left
R - Right

Adapted for the knitting machine by Arlene Hahn, 2008
Original hand knit version by Beryl Tsang at
Used with original authors permission. All rights remain with the authors