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Bulky Newborn V- Neck All-in-One Cardigan with Hat Variations
This page was last updated on: July 9, 2017
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Last updated on: July 9, 2017
Free Patterns
Bulky Machine, Worsted Wt. yarn, MT10
Gauge: 3.9st/5.8 rows = 1”
0-3 months size
By Arlene Hahn, 2005

Sweater Body:

CO Needles 37-0-36, RC000
Knit in 1x1 rib T 5/5, 5 rows (3 large wts.)
Transfer stitches to MB, switch to 2 small wts.
After ribbing inc. 1 st to 37-0-37  MT 10
Knit to RC 26
BO/e-wrap 18 stitches on each side.
Knit to RC 22, Mark “0”
BO center 16 stitches for back neck.
RC000, Put side opposite of CAR on Hold
Knit 2 rows
Begin V-neck shaping by inc. 1 st every 2 rows opposite CAR.
Knit to RC 22; BO that side.
Reverse shaping for second side.

Wrist Rib:

CO 11-0-12 in 1x1 rib for 7 rows at MT 4/4

Front Band Options

For rib band: Needles in work 21-0-22, 1x1 rib for 5 rows at MT 5/5. Remember to make buttonholes at row 3. 

For stockinette band: Needles in work 45-0-45 at MT -2  Cast on with scrap and ravel, COR; with MY knit 3 rows, form buttonholes on left side (lowest one on L42, highest one just above where the chest seam will fall and other(s) centered between these two).  Knit 3 more rows. Increase to highest tension and knit 1 row.  Reduce tension to MT-2, knit 3 rows, make buttonhole eyelets on same needles as before, knit 3 more rows.  Hang hem, increase to MT and knit 1 row.  Hang sweater on ½ (say L45 – 0) and BO around gate pegs from end to center.  Carefully remove the BO stitches from the gate pegs and hang remaining half of sweater from 0-R45 and BO 2nd half.
Arlene advises making the buttonholes on the left side of the machine bed…this makes the sweater button right over left when worn by the baby and makes it easier for a right-handed parent to button up.

Cardigan with crochet trim front edge.
For Crochet trim band – Row 1 sc around front and neck edges, decrease as necessary around neck edge so it will lie flat.   Row 2 reverse sc around front and neck. Attach yarn at chest seam area and chain a loop to fit button; Sc in chain stitches, fasten and weave in ends.
Rib Hat

CO Needles 33-0-34 in 1x1 rib for 41 rows at MT 5/5
Transfer to EON, MT 7, knit 1 row
Gather BO

Fair Isle Hat

CO Needles 33-0-34 in 1x1 rib, MT 2/2, 7-9 rows
Transfer to MB and increase to 34-0-34 MT 9 or 10
Knit to RC 34 in Fair Isle pattern
End pattern and knit 1 row. Transfer to EON, MT 7, knit 1 row, Remove stitches onto yarn tail to gather.

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