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Arlene and Linda's Bulky Round Afghan
This page was last updated on: July 9, 2017
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Last updated on: July 9, 2017
Free Patterns
Arlene adapted the pattern from Linda Molden's website for a Bulky Round Afghan.

Linda's original pattern is repeated here with her permission. Arlene's notes and changes are in Red.

Original pattern in blue letters can be found at

(additional notes by Arlene Hahn in parenthesis, 2009 and in red)

Bulky Machine Tension 6 (10)

Worsted Weight Yarn ( You can use one color, alternate between 2 colors or use 5 colors in sequence and repeat.  Tip – use lightest color for wedge #10 for easier seaming.)

Needle set-up:  From needle L 48 left to R 28 (try R 27 for flatter center) right; then skip 10 needles and put 3 needles in WP.  This creates a fringe.  To make without the fringe, just use 76 (75) needles. (Omit fringe as a saftey precaution)

Cast on with scrap yarn and knit several rows, ending with the carriage on the right.  Knit 1 row of ravel cord from right to left. (after ravel cord knit 2 rows in same color as wedge #10, end with carriage on left, put all but the first 7 needles on hold and then switch to the color for wedge #1 to begin the short row shaping as instructed for the beginning. This will give a solid row of stitches on the CO edge and make picking up and hanging the 1st row a lot easier for doing kitchener stitch on the machine.)

Set machine to Hold for short rows.  Pull all needles to HP except 7 needles next to the carriage.

Knit 4 rows.  *Push next 4 needles to WP - knit 4 rows.* Continue from * to * until all needles are working.

If desired, change color at this point.

Knit 10 wedges (For wedge #10 remember to only knit 2 rows once all needles are back in work).  Take off on ravel and scrap and Kitchener stitch together. (Gather up center and sew in place to lie flatTie or knot the fringe (Arlene does not use fringe, Try one row DC, ch 1 around the edge or two rows of sc).