Bulky Baby Cupcake Hat
Arlene Hahn - April 2005
All Pattern Rights remain with the Author
Machine: Bulky with Ribber

Yarn: Worsted Wt. Yarn (cake color, frosting color, cherry color)

Tension:  5/5


Cake Section

With cake color, (leave a 12” tail) CO 33-0-34 in 1x1 rib, 3 large wts.
Knit 14 rows as follows:  beginning with MT 1/1 knit 2 rows,
Increase MT by 1# and knit 2 more rows, continue increasing MT every 2 rows to MT 5/5.  Knit to RC 14.
Remove large ribber wts. and replace with 2 small ribber wts.

Frosting Section

Transfer RB stitches to MB.
Using frosting color and MT9 or 10 knit 4 rows.
Transfer EO stitch and leave empty needles IN WORK to make picot/eyelet row and knit 1 row.
All needles in work, knit 4 rows and hang hem by picking up first loops of frosting color.
Knit to RC 22 or 24.
Transfer EO stitch and put empty needles OUT of work.
Knit 1 row.  Cut long tail and remove stitches onto tail, gather top (I thread tail through a second time to gather tightly).  Sew up bottom of seam using ribbing tail for cake section and frosting tail to sew from top down.

Top with a small red pompom “cherry”.