Arlene's Bulky Baby Booties
Arlene Hahn - 2004
All Pattern Rights remain with the Author
Machine: Bulky Machine with Ribber
Tension : 9
Yarn:  Worsted Wt. Yarn

Pattern #5 on Electronic Bulky. Punch Card Users use one by one card. 

Pattern 2 stitches by one row: xo  

Foot Section
WY CO 9-0-9, COL, knit 1 row ravel cord, RC 000
Knit 1 row, set patterning and knit to RC24.

End pattern and knit 2 rows (RC26)

Knit 1 row ravel cord, scrap off

For seam at top or foot:  With yarn tails to the right and right side facing you, hang far right 8 stitches behind latches.  Pick up corresponding 8 stitches from 1st row of knitting and place in hooks.  Pull stitches through and BO using tail and around 1 gate peg.  Do not remove ravel and WY yet.

Cuff Section
Hang remaining stitches on needles 11-0-10 picking up extra stitch at 0 if needed. Now remove ravel and wy.   Place every other stitch on RB and knit 1x1 rib, T 6/6 for 16 rows. 
BO with elastic BO as follows: change pitch to H, pull out of work needles to E on both beds and knit 1 row slowly, right to left. Drop loops from these same needles and return them to out of work. Place remaining needles on both beds to E.  Remove wts. And latch tool BO from right to left alternating beds.   Gather up toe and finish off.  Sew cuff and heel seam, gathering up last 1” of heel to round off.  Weave in all ends.