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Arlene's Seam as You Go Bulky Patchwork Afghan
This page was last updated on: July 9, 2017
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Last updated on: July 9, 2017
Free Patterns
By:   Arlene Hahn
November, 2009
Permission for reuse is granted for not for profit purposes.

Bulky Machine
MT 10
Odds and ends of worsted wt. yarn


Plan size of blocks/number of strips and finished strip length for desired afghan size.  Make a “cheat sheet” to indicate row numbers for each completed block.
Plan color arrangement. Beginning with your darkest color makes a pleasing arrangement.

Block Size:
5-6” – CO 20-22 sts, knit 30 rows
10” – CO 40 sts, knit 58 rows
12” – CO 48 sts, knit 70 rows

Baby Afghans - 30-36” square
Crib Size – 36”wide, 45” long

To begin knitting – E-wrap CO (cast-on) sts for strip one.  Hang CO comb and wts, hanging yarn tail in front. COR, RC 000  Knit one row. 

To weave in the yarn tails as you go, pull 6-8 needles to E position next to CAR. Take the yarn tail over the first needle, under the second needle, over the third needle, under the fourth needle etc.

Weight yarn tail end with clothes pin.  Knit to RC needed for your block size.  Cut a 7-9” yarn tail.  Weave tail of color 1 over and under first 6-9 needles.  Thread color 2 into carriage, knit 1 row.  Weave tail of color 2 the same as before.  Knit to RC needed for 2nd block.  Continue as needed to complete strip one.  Backstitch BO, weave in BO tail. 

Begin CO for next strip for CO but BEFORE knitting row one hang first edge loop (or side knot) from Strip #1 on the last needle opposite the carriage with wrong side facing you. There will now be two stitches on the far left needle only.  Knit one row to the left, COL.  Weave in starting tail on the right side.

Knit one row – COR.  Continue hanging next edge loop from strip #1 onto last needle every two rows. Change colors according to your row counter cheat sheet for each square. Don't forget to weave in the tails as you go.  After hanging last edge loop from strip #1 on last needle on left do NOT knit any more rows, just back stitch BO across the end of strip #2, sewing through both stitches on the last needle.

Continue knitting and joining remaining strips weaving in ends as you go. 

Steam flat,  Crochet an edging (1 row sc, 1 row crab stitch) or use your favorite machine knit edging. Trim tails.  Machine wash and dry on hot.

This design from Arlene will makes wonderful quick afghans to use or give as a gift or to a favorite charity