Quick Baby Bootie
Lucy Desgrey
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PDF Version of the Bootie Pattern
Lucy’s Quick Baby Bootie

Note: With the punchcard or pattern below, these booties almost knit themselves!

Machine: Standard
Yarn: Three strands of 2/24 or approximate equivalent.
Tension:  5 or 6 according to yarn    (yarns and tension determine size of finished booties)

Instructions (Make 2):

Bring 24 stitches into work. With the 1x1 tool push out every other one of these stitches to hold position. Engage weaving brushes. Thread carriage. Pull tail of yarn from under carriage across the needles in hold. Knit 1 row at MT-2

Knit 11 rows stockinet at MT-2. (Hide the tail as you knit the first row.)

Transfer every other stitch to the next needle. Be sure emptied needles are in work position. T10 knit 1 row.

MT-1 knit 11 rows

Hang hem from cast on row by placing a loop from the cast on edge on every other needle in work.

Tension 10, knit 1 row.

Transfer every other stitch for picot row for inserting ribbon or cord lacing. Be sure emptied needles are in work postion.

At MT, knit 2 rows

Decrease tension by 1 click.

Set carriage to hold.

@ *Pull the stitch closest to the carriage to hold position. Knit across.* Repeat between * until 10 needles are left in work. **Place inside needle opposite the carriage back into work. Knit across.** Repeat between ** until all needles are back in work. @

Repeat once more between @.

Knit 1 row at 3 numbers larger tension. Break yarn leaving a 12 inch tail. Thread tail into double eyed needle and remove stitches onto that needle.

Turn inside out, pull yarn end tight to gather the last row. Secure thread and hide tail.

Use ribbon or I cord to thread through laces and tie into a bow in front.

To make I cord, e-wrap on 3 stitches. Use MT. Set carriage to knit in one direction and slip in the other direction. Knit back and forth until the cord is the desired length. (about 12") Repeat for other bootie.

Using the Punchcard:

The punchcard automates the shortrow process that begins at Set Carriage to hold above. To use the punchcard, Complete the eyelet transfer row. Knit 1 row. Set machine to select first row of punchcard and knit 1 row. All the bootie needles should be selected. Decrease tension by 1 click. Set the carriage to slip or part in both directions.  Knit 2 revolutions of the punchcard, moving weights as needed.  Continue with the Knit 1 row at 3 numbers larger.

Bootie Punch Card