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Child’s Sweater for Charity
This page was last updated on: July 9, 2017
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Last updated on: July 9, 2017
Free Patterns
By:   Mary Morris, Fairfield, Iowa
September, 2008
Permission for reuse is granted for not for profit purposes.

Bulky Machine, Worsted Wt. Yarn
Suggested Yarns:  Cordonette, MT 7
                            Caron Simply Soft , MT 5
                            Red Heart Super Saver, MT 8
                            I Love this Yarn, MT 7

Gauge varies according to the yarn used. Example gauges: Red Heart SS: 3.75 st and 5.5 r per inch; Caron Simply Soft:  4.1 st and 6 r per inch

"Each yarn, knitted with its proper tension, will make its own size sweater.  Since children come in all kinds of sizes, this isn't a problem when you're making a batch of sweaters for charity."

Sizes: 2 (4, 6, 8, 10)

Body: (Make 2 alike)
E-Wrap or Crochet Cast on 46 (50, 52, 54, 58) stitches. Set tension to the correct number for the chosen yarn.

RC 0, Knit 51 (56, 62, 68,73) rows. Hang a marker (a short length of yarn) over the end needles to mark the bottom of the sleeve placement. For a contrasting yoke effect, change colors of yarn. Continue knitting to row
81 (89, 97, 105, 113)

Hang a marker on needles L 13 and R 13 (L 13 and R13, L 14 and R 14, L14 and R 14, L15 and R 15).  This marks the neck opening. Bind off all stitches loosely.

Sleeves: (Make 2 alike)

E-Wrap or Crochet Cast on 44 (46, 50, 52, 56) stitches. Set tension to the correct number for the chosen yarn. Hang a marker at the center stitch.

RC 0, Knit 30 (40, 40, 50,50) rows. Decrease 1 stitch at each side of sleeve. *Knit 10 rows (all sizes), decrease another stitch on each side. * Repeat between *'s to RC 50 (60, 70, 80, 85). to bottom of sleeve. Bind off loosely.  

The decreases may be omitted resulting in a wider sleeve at the cuff. Just knit the sleeve straight to the final row count.


Match front and back at markers. Sew shoulders together beginning at the outside edge to the neck marker. Match marker at center of sleeve to the shoulder seam. Stretch the sleeve edge slightly and join to the body so that the edge of the sleeve extends approxmately 1/2" beyond the marker on the body. Sew under arm seams.

Finish edges any way you like. A row of single crochet, crab stitch or any edging of your choice may be used. Block sweater.

Experienced Machine Knitters:  Work the front and the back continuously, using separate yarn to bind off and cast on neck stitches.  For the sleeves pull out the desired number of needles [44 to 56] and hang the shoulder part of the sweater, using every other stitch.   Then knit the desired number of rows. 

Options: You may add ribbing, mock ribbing, color changes, crochet edgings, a scooped neck, or anything else you like.  Remember to make it durable!

NOTE:  This pattern makes a well proportioned sweater for charity.  It is not designed to make an exact size.  In other words, the six might be a little larger or smaller than a regular six depending on the yarn used and the tension setting.

This simple sweater shared with us by Mary Morris of Fairfield, Iowa, is a great first sweater project.
Mary says she can easily make all the pieces for one in an evening.
These would be great donations for your favorite charity.