Nancy and Liz's
Racked Ski Hood
Japanese Machine Instructions:

Materials: Bramwell Duo Magic Yarn approximately 1/4 cone or 2 strands of 2/24
Machine: Any Standard Gauge with Ribber

Sizes: One Size fits all
Tension: 5/5
With Ribber at half pitch, bring needles left 40 to right 40 in work on main bed
and left 40 to right 39 in work on ribber. Carriage at right and tension 4/4, thread carriage. Rack Ribber to position 6.
Knit one row to left. Hang comb and weights. Rack Ribber to 5. Knit 1 row to right. Cast on is complete.
Tension 5/5, RC 000, Carriage is at right. Set machine for ~ll needle fishermens rib. For Brother/Knitking machines, push in the RIGHT tuck button on the main carriage, push up both the LEFT part button and the P/R button on the ribber.
The pattern is made by racking the ribber every row one position (either 5 or 6) until you want a point. On the point row, the ribber is not racked. Racking resumes the following row.
Pattern repeat - * Rack ribber to 6, knit 1 row, rack to 5, knit 1 row. Repeat from * to row 14. On row 14, do not rack. Knit 1 row, RC is 15.
Continue knitting in pattern to row 420. Unracked rows are 14, 29, 44, 59, 74, 89, 104, 119, 134,
149, 164, 179, 194, 209, 224, 239, 254, 269, 284, 299, 314, 329, 344, 359, 374, 389, 404, and 419.  Transfer all stitches to main bed. Bind off very loosely either around two gate  posts or use a backstitch bind off
Join cast on edge with cast off edge to form a tube. Seam from one side for about 1/3 of the length of the seam, then switch to the other side for the remaining 2/3. This will keep the seam from showing when the hood is worn.

Passap Instructions:

Gauge 3.8 st/in 20 rows/inch
One size Beginner Level

Duo 80 instructions: Set up needles 40 left to 40 right BB/FB (in the needle rule) for a small size for a larger size use needles 50 left to 50 right. Do a racking cast on (see your handbook) with SS 4/4 for FNR Start your pattern by changing your lock to EX(EX with handle down and blue strippers or orange strippers 55 5/5. The change in gauge is very little.
The pattern is as follows: RCOOO
*rack to the left, knit to the left on row counts 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
*rack to the right, knit to the right on row counts 1 3 5 7 9 11 13
*no racking, knit 1 row, row count now 15
*rack to the left, knit to the right on row counts 15 17 1921 23 25 29
*rack to the right, knit to the left on row counts 16 18 20 22 24 26 28
*no racking, knit 1 row to the right, row count is now 30
Repeat the pattern at least 14 times to a row count of 420 for most sizes of heads or hair.
Change your stitch size to 7/8 (BB/PB). Locks to N/N and knit 1 row to the left. Then do a crochet (or zigzag) bind-off

E-6000 instructions:
Program Cast-on #4.  SS 5/5, Technique #267, Blue or Orange strippers, 80 needles on FB/ 80 on BB.  Follow console. You will still be racking the same pattern. Knit to RC 420. Cast off as instructed above. Assemble cast-off edge to cast-on edge as in the Japanese instructions.

Nancy wrote the Passap Directions and Liz wrote the Japanese Machine version. 
Cut and Sew Template
Coat Blocking Diagram
Template and Blocking Diagram
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Cut and Sew Template
Blocking Diagram