Nancy's English Rib Coat
Materials: 2 cones of Yeoman Cashmillon
2 cones of Yeoman Sport
Use one strand of each together for the entire pattern
Machine: For Passap E6000 or Duo 80 Machines
Gauge - 10.4 stitches per inch12.3 Rows per inch.

Sizes: Petite, Average, Plus

If no special Cast-on numbers are given then the piece is the same for all sizes.
Cast On:For all all pieces
Handle Up  1:1 Rib Throughout Set up Back Bed against the needle rule
Yarn on Left
Begin knitting one pass at each setting.
N/N      CX/CXCX/CXN/EXset row count at 000
4 /4       5/5    5/ 5   6.5/7
Blue StrippersNo Strippers      No Strippers    Blue Strippers
Hang Weights

Cast Off used on all pieces except cuffs
page 113 E-6000 manualDuo-80 page 47

Pocket ( all sizes) - Knit 2.
Cast On Left 16 - Right 15
Row Count 000 to Row Count 079 using N/EX Pattern Stitch
Row Count 080  Knit One Row N/N--8/8
Start Cast Off as explained
This is the only piece that you will use the Cast On edge as the Top of The Pocket
Cast Off Edge for the Bottom


Petite: Cast On Left 46     Right 45
Average: Cast On Left 54  Right 55
Plus: Cast on Left 84 Right 85

Petite and Average sizes:
Row Count 000  Knit in English Rib (N/EX) pattern to RC 244.

Plus Size:
Row Count 000 Knit in English Rib (N/EX) pattern decreasing 1 stitch each side both beds every  20 rows for a total of 12 times. For extremely broad shoulders, this shaping may be omitted.

Sleeve Decreases
Decrease 2 stitches each side both beds every 8 rows 2 times. Then 1 stitch each side Both Beds every 8 rows  3 times.
Knit straight to Row Count 379 N/N 8/8 Knit One row.
Row Count 380 Start Cast Off per the Cast Off Instructions above.

Back Neck Facing

Set needles for 1:1 rib N/N 6/6 blue Strippers handle up. Do Tubular Cast On Stitch sizes 4 - 5 - 5 - 6.
Row Count 000, Knit Straight
Row Count 080 take off on a thread tail.

Sleeves - Knit 2 alike
Cast On  Left 54 Right 55
Row Count 000 Start Stitch pattern
Row Count 164
Start Decreases, 1 stitch each side, both Beds, every 4 Rows, 8 times.
Knit Straight
Row Count 195 N/N 8/8 Knit 1 row
Row Count 196 . Start Cast Off

Re-hang Cast On edge of sleeve wrong side facing you on Back Bed needles Left 30   Right 29.
About every other stitch on sleeve hung on every needle works well. hang 2 Weights with N/GX Black Strippers, SS 8 I 8  Knit 2 Rows. Handle Up -- Blue Strippers N/N SS 6/6
Transfer every other Back Bed stitch to a Front Bed needle and Knit 48 Rows Increase SS to 8/8
Knit one Row to left and do a zig zag Cast Off with latch Tool... No transferring.

Cast on per the Cast on Instructions above in 1 x 1 rib needle set up.
Petite: Cast on Left 43 - Right 44
Average: Cast on Left 48 - Right 54
Plus: Cast on Left 54 - Right 55

Left Front
Row Count 000. Knit in English Rib pattern to RC 243.                                          
Decrease 2 stitches each Bed every 8 Rows 2 times - On left  side only.
Decrease 1 stitch each Bed every 8 Rows 3 times - On left  left side only               
Knit Straight to Row Count 379 N/N 8/8 knit 1 row
Row Count 380  Start Cast Off per the Cast Off instructions

Right Front
Row Count 000. Knit in English Rib pattern to RC 244.
Decrease as left front but do the Decreases on the right side of the Bed only
Rowcount 379 N/N 8/8 Knit 1 row
Row Count 380 Start Cast Off per the Cast Off instructions

Block all pieces to your needed measurements. Cut and Sew both fronts using templates provided.  Fold back 4 inches along center front for Front Facing for all sizes.
Attach back neck facing across back neck opening do not attach ends yet. Attach fronts to back at shoulder seam. Pin pockets into place. I like to attach them last. About 7" up from the bottom and 4)' away from front. Sew sleeves to armhole matching decreased stitches. Sew up side seams bottom to top. Sew up Cuffs and sleeve seams from Cuff to Underarm.

This is a versiatile jacket to wear with most any thing. It has a self facing, cut and sew neck and bottom front edging.
Cut and Sew Template
Coat Blocking Diagram
Template and Blocking Diagram
Click for full size image or Right click and save to your computer
Cut and Sew Template
Blocking Diagram