YARN             4 Ply knitting worsted type    
                       Two yarns of different colors (Optional)
STITCH SIZE     7.5 -8.0                           
GAUGE:            3.6 Stitches per inch    
                         6 Rows per inch

Cast on 65, (71), (77) stitches with WY (waste yarn) and knit several rows.  Lock (Carriage) on right.
    R.C.  00   Kn (Knit) 22 rows using MC (Main Color)
    R.C.  22:  Kn 4 rows using CC (Contrasting Color)
                   Kn 2 rows MC
                   Kn 2 rows CC
                   Kn 2 rows MC
                   Kn 4 rows CC
                   Kn 2 rows Mc
    R.C.  38:  Turn up cuff by joining R 1 with R 38
                    Remove WY and continue knitting to:

    R.C.  66:  Shape crown:  Place every other stitch on an adjacent needle.
                    Reduce stitch size to 7.0 and Kn 2 rows.
    R.C.  68:  Reduce stitch size to 6.0 and Kn 2 rows
    R.C.  70:  With WY knit 4 rows and drop off.
                    Run a piece of MC yarn through the last row of MC stitches.
                    Remove WY

Finish:  Sew up sides, draw up yarn piece, attach pom pom if desired.

    The design stated here is only one of many possibilities.
    The varigated yarns are great for the contrast yarns.

    If a smaller or larger yarn is used then make a test swatch to
    determine the gauge.  Usually size small width is 18 inches
    medium  is 20 inches, and adult size is 22 inches.  The height
    is 8 to 9 inches or whatever you desire.

Bulky Hat in 3 Sizes - Jo Polen
All pattern rights remain with the designer.