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Ruby's Shawl
This page was last updated on: July 9, 2017
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Last updated on: July 9, 2017
Free Patterns
By:   Ruby Randall
April, 2009
Permission for reuse is granted for not for profit purposes.

Bulky Machine, Worsted Wt. Yarn MT 10
Yarn Requirements - approximately 1000 yards of worsted weight yarn including the trim.  The NTMKG used Premier Yarns Serene for their shawls. This yarn is 90% acrylic and 10% Nylon and the skeins are 655 yards in 10.6 ounces.  Any worsted weight acrylic could be substituted.


E-wrap cast on 4 stitches starting at needle 50 on the left side of the machine bed.

Knit 2 rows and increase one stitch on the right until you reach needle 50 on the right using your favorite increase method.

Knit 35 rows straght for a smaller size or 50 rows straight for a larger size.

Decrease one stitch on the right using your favorite method every 2 rows until 4 stitches are left.

Cast off the 4 stitches.

Finish the edges with a piecust trim, fringe or crochet.

Terry's Variation:

Terry felt that the shawl tails were too long, and might get tangled in wheel chairs or walkers so she made the following modification:

Instead of casting on 4 stitches starting at needle 50, she cast on 17 stitches, then she followed the instructions as given except she cast off the shawl when there were 17 stitches remaining.

This simple triangle shawl is shared with us by Ruby Randall. This shawl was knitted at the North Texas Machine Knitters Guild Knit-In in February 2009 and everyone enjoyed making it. It would be a great charity or prayer shawl project that anyone could make on a Bulky or Bond machine.