Sandy's Tuck Shawl
Materials: Approximately 6 ounces 2/24 yarn used single strand or 2 strands  GlenSpun 2/28 or 2/30 used together as one strand.
Machine: Standard Gauge punch card or electronic
Tension: 10  You will only need to use one flat weight.

Tuck Pattern :

4 stitches by 5 rows


X = Needle not Selected
O = Needle Selected

Make the fringe for the Shawl before casting on. Take a 6" piece of cardboard with "V"s cut along one edge and wind yarn 6 times around each "V". You will need 48 groups for each edge.  Cut one side of each group of 6 strands and store each group on a knitting needle or other similar object. Bringing ends of one group together over thumb and forefinger of one hand, reach thumb and finger around outside of group, grab yarn (do not let go of ends) and pull back through loop creating a half hitch. Slip onto knitting needle and pull snug. Repeat until you have 96 groups.

Bring needles L 72 through  R 71 out to hold. E-wrap loosely across bed. Hang cast on comb. (The larger comb will reach only from L 70 to R 70 but it will work fine.)

To apply the fringe as you knit the shawl :*Push every third needle part way back leaving groups of 2 needles across bed. Carefully slip a fringe group off of knitting needle, opening up the slip knot big enough to put over the first pair of needles. Pull ends of fringe slightly to tighten.  Repeat across bed. Knit first row very carefully, grabbing fringe ends in groups and pulling down lightly to help stitches knit off. Having weaving brushes down seems to help. Push needles to hold. Pull comb forward slightly to check for any yarn that jumped over the gate pegs.  (It will have somewhere).

Move knit carriage past the turn mark, turn on the machine and program in the pattern. Turn knob to KC 1 so the end needles are selected. Knit across row (set up row). Be sure you have 3 needles on each end selecting. Adjust if you do not. Push in tuck buttons. Set row counter to 000. Knit a few rows carefully. Re-hang the cast on comb when you come to the second all knit row. Knit to RC 700 if using 2/24 or 800 if using GlenSpun. End when machine KNITS the second all knit row (Row 1 of the pattern will be selected).

If you are applying the fringe as you knit the shawl: Repeat the fringing process from * to * above. Knit 1 row with ravel cord and then about 10 rows wit waste yarn. DO NOT REMOVE FROM THE MACHINE.

Break yarn leaving a tail 3 to 4 times the width of the knitting. Bind off with a yarn needle with a back stitch bind off as follows: From the right: go through the end stitch away from you, come back through  the second stitch toward you, through end stitch again away, through third stitch toward, through stitch to the right away, through second stitch to the left toward you, repeat across row end 3rd from end away, end toward, second from the end away, end toward. Fasten off.

If you did not put the fringe on the shawl as you knitted it, put the fringe on before steaming.

Steam thoroughly, pulling and stretching fabric as you go. You want to kill the yarn. Also steam fringe and comb straight.