Jo Ann's Sweatshirt Jacket
Buy one size larger than you usually wear if you want to cut down the sweat shirt and make it look a certain way. These that I made were Jerseys. I bought them in off-season and they were $3 a piece at Wal-Mart. The yarn is Fiesta, by Red Heart, 6 ounces, makes 2 shirts.

Lay the sweatshirt out flat. Pin to make the sweatshirt lay straight. Measure and find the center of shirt. Determine the amount you want to take out of center. Use a ruler and chalk to measure.  Cut out 3-4 inches or more, after you have determined your size. Measure to obtain the sleeve length and then cut off the cuff, Now cut off the sleeve, 2-3 inches. Save the cuff. Measure and cut off the band at bottom, probably 3-4 inches. Do the same as with cuff. Leave the neckband on, do not remove. Discard the front of sweatshirt that you cut off.  Sew the bands to cuff and bottom back on with serger or zigzag stitch.

Punch holes in both sides of shirt- about ¼ " from edge, where you cut it off. Space the holes about ¼ " apart or as close as your needle on your main bed on your knitting machine bed.  I used a bulky; you may use a smaller machine if you like. Prepare the sweatshirts the same way as above. Make band as wide as you like. Cut that amount from the center front.

Before you begin knitting, be sure to knit a small swatch and check out the tension of the yarn. No need to take a gauge unless you prefer to. Take the sweatshirt and hang one end on the machine, you have already punched the hoes. Next hang on the other end--- to get the number of stitches to hang on the machine. Place the shirt up to the needle bed wrong side facing you.  Let the fabric sag a little to have ease in the fabric in order to hang all the holes on the machine needle bed. Hang center stitches, and then hang the next section in the center, then the next section. Hanging the center stitches first in all sections. Then continue to hang the rest of the stitches all the way across.

To Knit:

Hang wrong side facing you, stick out all the needles you have selected and e wrap cast on. Knit 5 rowsleave one needle out of service for buttonhole. Determine where you want the buttonholes before you begin to knit. I skipped 2 stitches at the top end of band, and divided the rest of the stitches by 10 to determine the distance between buttonholes and left 5 stitches at the end, bottom of the band.  Be sure you have hung all your stitches on the bottom side of the band.  Cont' to knit to RC 10. (Total of 10 rows). Make picot edge. (Leave every other needle out of work) hang needle 2 on needle 3 and then go all the way across. Push the  needles back out and cont' to knit to RC 15. Repeat the hole for the buttonhole. Leave same stitches out of work as you did on row 5. Continue to knit to RC 20. Bring original stitches back up to needle bed and rehang, knit 1 row and latch tool off. That is the bind Off.

To make Collar: 

Lay the neckband up next to the needle bed, stretch it out slightly and stick out the needles to coincide with the length of the band, around 60-65 stitches. E-wrap the needles and cast on. Do not stick holes in the neckband. You will tack or sew the collar on by machine.  Knit 14 rows. Do the picot hem (as you did for the band) Knit to RC 28. Hang top of band, original-beginning stitches, on top of finished stitches, and knit one stitch, top one, through the bottom stitch, to make double collar. Cont' to knit for 3 rows, latch tool bind off. You will sew this end to the backside of the neckband on the shirt.

To make pockets:

Cast on 20 stitches. Knit RC 10. Hang every other needle on next needle, to make picot edge. Knit to RC 20. Bring cast on row up to the needle bed.  Knit through (knit one stitch through the other). Cont' to knit to RC 40. Latch tool Bind Off. Sew to sweatshirt.

To work buttonholes:

Use old-fashioned button embroidery stitch to finish the buttonholes. Sew on Buttons Press the bands, collar, pockets and sweatshirt to finish. Do not use a real hot iron. Use a steam iron on wool or synthetic settings.


You may put any fairisle design you would like on your sweatshirt, just calculate the stitches, being careful of the button holes.  You may make just 2 or 3 buttonholes up at top. If you have very curvy hips you may not want to have the front of the sweatshirt flair out at the bottom. To prevent this, just remove the band, being careful not to stretch the bottom of the sweatshirt, and sew on a 1" bias tape strip to the backside of the shirt. Or you could crochet the band on to the underside of the shirt and stitch to the fabric.

Machine: Midgauge or Bulky
Yarn       : Red Heart Fiesta - 3 ounces required
Sweatshirt : One size larger than you usually wear